Large Graffiti Image by Brian Cooney



Of course, I wasn’t always a landscape photographer. I spent a lot of time in the corporate world. I had a job which paid well, but just didn’t excite me.

I had had Enough!

I remember the day when I had had enough. Enough of selling myself short, enough of dreaming too small, enough of doing what others expected of me. I had put away my dreams and told myself I would get back to them later, but somehow there always seemed to be something else that had to get done first.

Stand up and stand out, be yourself!

Now looking back I realise that in life the most frightening thing can be to stand up and stand out, to be yourself.  I was living my life fitting in with what others expected of me, I was living someone else’s life.  It was ‘safe’ but I was frustrated and unhappy.  I kept busy, did what I felt I should be doing, I looked around and that is what everybody else seemed to be doing.  Then one day I just couldn’t do it anymore.  

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

I went on a business course, it was an NLP Business Practitioner’s course.  We were encouraged to imagine what we would do if we knew we couldn’t fail, if we we could only succeed at whatever we chose to do and suddenly I liked my imaginary life better than the real one I was living.  I had always wanted to have my dream life but when I thought about it or I discussed it I felt or I was told I wasn’t being realistic, I wasn't facing reality.  I felt it was just a dream.  Now it seems obvious to me; You don’t face reality, you create reality.  You either create someone else's reality for you or you take control and create your world, your reality the way you want it to be.

Be creative, imagine and play!

I sold the business and soon enough I bought a new camera, I took a photography course or two.  I found that I learn by doing, by getting out with my camera into the big beautiful world and playing.  I discovered a love of Black and white photography, a love of photographing Ireland and that Ireland as a subject has limitless material for an artist to work with.  I knew this is what I was meant to do.  Photography allows me (and you!) to be creative, it allows me to imagine, to respond in a truly individualistic way and it allows me to be original – to put my own stamp on what I create. 

Think Big & take small steps everyday!

Since then every day I move a little closer to my dream, I think big and take small steps towards it.  I am really loving the journey, seeing my work exhibited, selling my own limited edition Irish art prints, having my work published in magazines, meeting and serving other photographers who want to be better, sharing photography adventures with my fellow travellers on my digital photography courses and holidays and it reminds me that we can do anything we want to.  Everything is available to us and all we have to do is ask. 

You are unstoppable!

When you set your minds to do something, when you stay focused and resolve to put in the effort that is required you really are unstoppable!